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BioX has partnered with One Tree Planted. with your help, we can make a Healthier Planet. For every time you purchase from us we will donate a tree in your honor. thank you.

BioX organic cannabis tissue culture media is derived from the material of plants and then we go into the prosses of bacterial fermentation, microbial-derived, and microbial fermentation of components. Formulating the perfect organic balance for tissue culture. BioX is utilizing the highest quality of pharmaceutical grade compounds. 

Meaning you utilize BioX organic media for cell culture, protoplast fusion, callus culture, and yes we can take it as far, as human stem cell culture.

Optimal growth and morphogenesis of tissues may vary for different plants according to their nutritional requirements. Moreover, tissues from different parts of plants may also have different requirements for satisfactory growth. Tissue culture media were first developed from nutrient solutions used for culturing whole plants.

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