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Micro Life 5 Gal

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BioX has partnered with One Tree Planted. with your help, we can make a Healthier Planet. For every time you purchase from us we will donate a tree in your honor. thank you.

BioX Micro Life is a breakthrough in biology and biophysics once thought impossible to achieve. By driving and accelerating the processes that contribute to overall plant vigor, BioX Micro Life will accelerate your time to market while improving your plant growth, vigor, and yield. BioX Micro Life is a novel culture consortium that contains stable microorganisms capable of improving plant conversion of carbon dioxide to available carbon to fuel plant requirements and drives plant biology at both the foliar level and the root zone. BioX Micro Life rapidly establishes essential plant-supporting biology, even in a media void of organisms. Combined with its ability to improve the plants’ own photosynthetic machinery and inhabit the root zone, BioX Micro Life will help to accelerate and optimize plant functions.
BioX has the perfect blend balance for your plant's cellar structure. BioX uses a designed hemp species, utilizing there Alternative Way To GMO / GE Technology. Along with several other plant and fungus species, are utilizing extracted and fermented for the perfect balance.

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