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Micro Carb 5 Gal

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BioX has partnered with One Tree Planted. with your help, we can make a Healthier Planet. For every time you purchase from us we will donate a tree in your honor. thank you.

BioX Carb is created with a blend of fermented plant products offering superior sugar – in a formula that increases yields, improves quality (aroma, taste, and flavor), and feeds microbiology. NOT derived from molasses or cane sugar like most other carb products for plants, BioX Carb is completely water-soluble, clean, and powerful.

Plants do benefit from all carbohydrate sources, but not equally. The unique chemical composition of BioX Carb makes it beneficial during all phases of plant growth. Carbohydrates are the end products of photosynthesis. They are broken down during respiration to release large amounts of chemical energy which is utilized by plants biosynthetic reactions.

BioX has the perfect blend balance for your plant's cellar structure. BioX uses a designed hemp species, utilizing there Alternative Way To GMO / GE Technology. Along with several other plant and fungus species, are utilizing extracted and fermented for the perfect balance.

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