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BioX is a Tissue Culture Media Biopesticides, Biostimulants, and next-gen Nutrient company. Our line of products takes the customer from TC and cloning all the way through to final flowering, leveraging the latest in advanced Science and Technology.


Our product formulations were designed at a plant´ molecular level, ensuring pharmaceutical-grade synergy, balance, and consistency.


BioX has the world’s first and only Organic Cannabis / Hemp TC media worldwide.


BioX and Molecular Mining Biologicals companies have been serving worldwide laboratories, hospitals, and veterinary clinics with: cell to tissue culture media, plant nutrients, cancer medicine, and microbiological supplements. We are now bringing our expertise in Endo cell culture media, GE breeding, fertilizers, and our world’s 1st Organic Cannabis TC Media for small to large scale micropropagation laboratories for the Cannabis industry. Along with our full line of services, Vertical is producing 250,000 TC plants a year and Hope Holistic is producing 500,000 TC plants a year. Along with 13 other countries use our services. 



Plant Fertilizer that mimics the tissue culture process by brining you outside of the laboratories and into your commercial grow. All mediums are pre-mixed and ready to add to your watering system. We can custom formulate any recipe specific to your plant strain and its growth needs. 



We offer consulting services from lab to building design, greenhouse design, GE breeding to traditional breeding, plant nutrients, cell to tissue media, genetics, and a world-renowned extract team capable of producing organic extract cannabinoids. We work with you to help find the perfect solution for your specific needs for the cannabis industry    

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